Yabbaloumba Retreat Wedding video

Hi, I’m Scott Thomas owner of Storyteller Films. I’m a wedding imaging professional with a passion for both Photography and Videography. I have been filming wedding videos professionally since 2009 and have captured hundreds of weddings. With these years of experience filming wedding videos I have developed my unique style which ties together a combination of capturing beautiful moments as well as looking for the story that is unique to the couple I am filming. I also draw on my 15 years of experience working in film and television Industry where I have been credited on two Disney feature films as well as having worked on many other high profile projects in my decade and a half working in the film and television industry.

I’m a passionate film maker and I strive to excel with every wedding video I film. Filming weddings videos is something I love, it lets me see a little into other peoples lives and lets me witness the love two people can share. There is nothing more rewarding that being able to capture this love on film so the couple can relive one of their most important days in the years and decades to come.

Wedding Photography has become a love of mine in more resent years. I have had the opportunity of working along side some of Queensland best photographers in my 10 years as a Wedding Videographer. It was almost like a long photography apprenticeship. I’m now a master of both stills and video and enjoy both equally.

I truly feel that the films and Photos we capture are important for many reasons. They not only allow the couple to relive and rekindle their young love but they also allow their future children to see you and remember their parents as their younger selves on their most important of days. Even future generations will look back with a fond reverence.

Wedding videography & Photography is our passion.