Colour Grading Explained

Colour Grading Explained



Lighting Conditions are not always ideal. But With our years of experience in High-end Wedding Video Production we are able to film in any conditions.



Even nice images straight of the camera can still be enhanced by our keen eyes.



Colour Grade is included with our feature films from both our Platinum Plus and Diamond Packages.


All the images above where pulled out of the video footage we shot on the day. As you can see, if you are on a tight budget and need to choose between a quality wedding videographer or a wedding photographer the choose is clear.
Get the best of both worlds and choose the wedding video and have stills taken from the footage.


The above images are only HD resolution but we now film all our weddings in 4K which is 4x higher in pixel density. This allows for the ability to have large prints taken from the wedding video.


This is a service only available with the most High-end of videographers and requires very high-end equipment to make possible. So please don’t expect to be able to do this with low-end or even Medium Quality Videographers.


Ask us today how we can stretch your budget!