Melbourne Weddings

I recently met with my friends Jan & Ian who surprised me by telling me that they had just got married.  After the initial congratulations, my thoughts went to the whereabouts of my invite and who on earth filmed their wedding. 

They must have seen the look on my face and immediately added – ‘we eloped!’


I love creating wedding films in spectacular scenery all over Queensland so eloping to another city is always a surprise to me, but when I found out they eloped to Melbourne, I started to understand their reasons for doing so.  

By their own admission, they’re both slightly introverted and didn’t want a large crowd watching them as they exchanged their vows and wanted the day to be for them rather than about them so ditched the friends and family, who they’ll be hosting a party for later in the month.  


I get to document weddings of all shapes and sizes and all couples have their individual preferences for their special day so I completely understand the desire to make it their own. And Melbourne?  Well, it’s a great city so I can see why a couple might want to elope to Melbourne for their nuptials! 


Along with great coffee Melbourne is really well set up for elopement weddings, with the Victorian Registry office being at the top end of the city and close to some of the most popular wedding photography locations, including the grand columns of Parliament of Victoria, St Patrick’s Cathedral, the graffiti covered laneways of Little Flinders Lane and Chinatown as well as several garden options such as Treasury and Fitzroy Gardens.


Their Melbourne wedding photographer sounded experienced and took them to a few sites they probably wouldn’t have discovered by themselves including ACDC Lane and the Royal Exhibition Buildings in Carlton Gardens. I guess this is where a local photographer and videographer is best placed to document your day as they know all the best spots for photos, as well as those undercover locations for when it rains, which Melbourne sometimes decides to do at just a moments notice!


Following their short wedding ceremony and photography session, Jan and Ian celebrated their union with a long romantic lunch at one of Melbourne’s top restaurants and viewpoints, 

Vue de Monde, at the top of the Rialto Tower.  Fine dining doesn’t get much better than at Shannon Bennett helmed restaurant, and judging by the number of their photos in my  instagram feed they took photos of every aspect of the experience!  I hope it tasted as good as it looked!

While you’ll mostly find us filming and photographing weddings in Queensland, we are open to the idea of travel, so if you’re planning an elopement wedding in Melbourne and need a third (and fourth) wheel to document the event then do get in touch!