Videographer for Weddings

If you are looking for a videographer for your wedding look know further. Storyteller Films has over ten years experience filming wedding videos and another ten year experience working in the professional film & television industry. With these combined years experience filming wedding videography, you can trust that your wedding video will be a very special and professionally crafted memory of the day.

We take a fly on the wall approach to filming our wedding videos and try and let the day play out as naturally as possible. We look for the beauty and the details that you have so painstakingly spent late nights crafting and planning. No detail is over looked!

As our name suggests our wedding videos are very story driven. We look for the narrative and also like to capture comments from key people in your lives. These add to the over all memory of not just the day but a period of your life. These memories will only became more special to you as time goes by.

We can work seamlessly with your chosen photographer or you can have images taken from you film to safe money. We are also professional photographers and can cover both photo and video if you require.


Wedding videographer

Image taken from Wedding Video