5 reasons to choose a Wedding Videographer for your Sunshine Coast Wedding

Planning a beautiful Sunshine Coast Wedding?

We all see amazing and emotive wedding videos all the time these days. Yet it is still surprising to us that many couples choose not to have a wedding videographer capture their day. Of coarse videography is an added expense. With the cost of an average wedding video around $3000, it is still far cheaper than what most wedding quality photographers charge. But if you can stretch your budget or spend less on photography. I very much think it’s worth having a wedding videographer at your beautiful Sunshine Coast Wedding if at all possible.

Here are some reasons why:

Capturing Vision and Sound Photos capture an image of a single moment in time, but wedding videos capture both vision and sound as well as a span of time. With a wedding video, you’ll be able to listen to those special moments. Like hear your promises to each other, or the bride’s father saying take care of my little girl. Even being able to hear the speeches or laughter to your fathers corny dad jokes. You’ll have the ability to watch your first kiss as newlyweds. Or your clumsy first dance, even your uncles surprising good dance moves. As beautiful as still photography can be, there just isn’t the ability to capture motion or sound. So really wedding video a must.

The Emotional Connection

It’s very important to hire a professional videographer. Someone who will not only capture the raw footage, but can edit it into a creative and emotional masterpiece. Often these films are set to music, that will help drive the emotion of the vision. A good videographer will also be able to tell the story of your wedding day from start to finish. This will be the be the closest thing to reliving your wedding day. Even your future children will enjoy watching it.
You miss a lot on the day, But with a video you won’t miss a thing.
Wedding days go by so very quickly, and unfortunately you won’t get to see every aspect of the day. For example, you won’t see your flower girl walk down the aisle while you’re hiding in the wings. You may not see your mother shed a tear while you’re saying your vows. Or while you’re mingling with your guests you may not see your parents dancing cheek-to-cheek. But by having a wedding videographer this will not be the case. You’ll get the opportunity to see these moments happen as though you were there in the moment.


Share with those that care.

With the advent of the Internet and video sharing platforms like vimeo and youtube. Videographers are now able to upload wedding videos online. This enables newlyweds to easily share their wedding video with family and friends. With the shorter more creative style of the modern wedding video. You may also be able to share your film on social media. If you’re having a small wedding or a Sunshine Coast wedding is to far for some friends. Having a videographer makes even more sense. You’ll give your family members and friends the chance to witness your special moment. Very useful for those who were unable to attend.

Watch it Over and Over

Unlike a wedding photo that will sit on the shelf getting dusty. Your wedding video will be something that can be taken out on special occasions. You might like to watch it every anniversary or watch it with one of your bridesmaids the the years ahead. These will be special times and the memories will come flooding back from your Sunshine Coast Wedding. Your wedding video will make a special occasion even more special.
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