Wedding Videography Prices & Packages



$1200In 3 Easy Payments

Platinum Plus

$3300In 3 Easy Payments

Basic Photography Add-On Just $300

Includes Family & Group photos after ceremony and some portrait photos during the afternoon shoot.

Can be added to either of the Platinum Video Packages.

Affordable wedding videography & Photography for all budgets

Brisbane Wedding Videography Prices & Packages

People sometime wonder why Wedding Photography and Videography needs to be as expensive as it is. I can help these people understand why Wedding Videography Prices are what they are. Importantly people need to understand the many additional cost associated with wedding videography and all the time that goes in behind the scenes.

But before I do talk about these things I’ll also mention the many years of practice that it takes to get to a point where you can take beautiful Wedding Photography every time on demand.

To be a quality Wedding Photographer and Videographer you really need a good understanding of light and shadow and have a eye for composition. Like any skill these Wedding Photographer and Videographer ability’s are honed over time and develop over the Wedding Photographer and Videographer’s career.

This is one reason Wedding Photography and Videography is such a hard career path to get into! No one wants to spend thousands of dollars on an unproven Wedding Photographer and Videographer. Clients appreciate the skills needed and look for a professional Wedding Photographer and Videographer.

Now moving past the skill required there is the equipment. I personally have a $25k camera kit. This consists of many varying lenses as well as camera bodies and pro sound equipment, drones, stands, lighting.. There is a lot of equipment needed to capture a wedding videography in a cinematic style. Wedding videography prices are also affected by the need for expensive computers and storage devices.

After the wedding has been captured it needs to be stored safely and processed ready to edit. The footage we capture in our wedding videography is shot in 4K. This is very large and requires a Super Computer worth nearly $10K to manipulate. Editing a Wedding video is a very time consuming process and can take 2 to 3 weeks. This represents a large part of the cost of wedding videography.

With Wedding Photography less equipment is required than with wedding videography but there is still quite expensive cameras and lenses required. After the wedding day there will be up to a week maybe two of image processing. Like editing this is a time consuming process that requires a keen eye to make each photo as good as it can possibly be.


Wedding videography Prices & PackagesBrisbane Wedding Videography Prices
Brisbane Wedding Videographer Prices
Wedding Videography Brisbane Prices
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