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The difference between Photo Editing and Photo Retouching.


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I’ve recently had a couple contact me and ask whether I ‘retouch’ all of the images that I deliver. When I asked them to explain what they meant by retouching, their response was, “You know, touch them up? Another photographer said they would deliver 500 to 800 ‘retouched’ images.” I quickly realized that this is a situation where wording can lead to unrealistic expectations and disappointed clients.

The terms ‘editing’ and ‘retouching’ are used quite often when talking about photography, but can mean wildly different things. Many photographers even mistakenly use them meaning the same thing, which can be very confusing for couples getting married unless their photographer is specific about what they mean or unless you ask them to explain in more detail. So, in this article, I will explain what I mean by ‘editing’ and what I mean by ‘retouching’. After reading this you will have a better understanding of what the terms can mean (as I said, it can vary from photographer to photographer), so that you know what questions to ask so you understand what you will receive.

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I edit every photo that I send to a client. To be specific, I correct for lighting and exposure and colour temperature, crop the image if necessary, as well as adding my own ‘signature’ touches to the images. These edit enhance the images greatly and are often all that is needed to turn an OK image into a Wow image.

Improve lighting conditions


The first step in my ‘editing’ process is to cull the images. This means I go through all of the photos taken on the day and determine which images will be delivered. While the percentage of ‘keepers ‘ has increased over my years as  my photography has improved, there are still many doubled up images or misfired that do not get delivered. More examples of images that get culled are – someone stepped in front of my camera, someone has there eyes closed  etc . If your photographer is not culling your images for you they are most likely just doing a batch process and not enhancing each photo individually. You will also then need to sift through all of the pictures yourself, which will be time consuming.

We can even remove people or objects from still images.

Basic Retouching

When a simple edit won’t do the job, retouching maybe needed. For me, basic retouching means up to 10 minutes of work on an image,  removing blemishes, brightening teeth, smoothing skin, or even removing an unsightly wire or trash cans.

Enhance skin complexion to capture your beautiful glow.

Extensive Retouching

I usually only go to the point of ‘extensive retouching’ for a handful of photos per wedding or upon request from a client. This might mean things like removing a person from an image, compositing several images together, or completely changing the background of an image. As you can imagine, I need to charge an additional fee for this type of work.


In Conclusion

So remember every photographer’s definition of ‘editing’ and ‘retouching’ can mean something completely different. What is important is to be sure that you understand what your photographer will be delivering. If you are hiring a photographer in the lower budget realm, it is more likely this is an area where cost will be cut.  Hopefully, this information has been helpful and I hope you can consider Storyteller Films and Photos as you Wedding Photographer for your upcoming wedding.

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Alivia McPherson
Alivia McPherson
29. August, 2020.
Absolutely LOVE my film Scott and team created for us of our wedding day. He captured the emotion perfectly, somehow picked up on us as a couple and chose the most PERFECT music to accompany our video. He and his partner were extremely professional, yet so easy going and very easy to work with. I would recommend Scott and his team to ANY bride looking for a 5 star experience and video. THANK YOU SO MUCH STORY TELLER FILMS!! ❤️❤️❤️
Tracey Howe
Tracey Howe
16. April, 2020.
We are so in love with our wedding video and photos Scott produced. His team provides a high quality and timely service that will not disappoint. We highly recommend Scott's services.
Belinda Elder
Belinda Elder
1. November, 2019.
Thank you so much Scott for the work you did on our film it looks anazing!! We couldn't have even dreamed of what you captured and created for us! The attention to detail was spot on and all of our special and emotional moments were included. When we met Scott from the start we could see his passion for what he does and he is very professional and easy going! We would highly recommend Storyteller Films. What Scott created made us feel like we are reliving the day! This film is one we will have until we are grey and old and one we hope to share with our future family! We are in love with our film and are very blessed to have you on our special day!! Thank you heaps Belinda and Courtney xx
Ken Pih
Ken Pih
1. June, 2018.
We are so very pleased to have had Scott and Sienna film our wedding. We found Scott to be very easy going, which together with the excellence shown in his past videos, really helped us to make the decision to choose Storyteller Films over the other companies. On the day, both Scott and Sienna made us all feel very comfortable in front of the camera. They were with us for most of the day and night, and managed to really capture the essence of our event. Aptly named, Scott’s passion for storytelling came through stunningly in our wedding video. Their attention to all the details, day highlights and the capturing of emotions was all beautifully rendered together to help us relive our Special Day whenever we wish. Thank you Storyteller Films! Sincerely Ken and Audrey
Trish Smith
Trish Smith
4. October, 2017.
Scott from Storyteller films is so amazing at his job. Our wedding day was captured so beautifully between him and his wife. They were unobtrusive and captured everything. We loved the entire production! The finer details included in the production is fabulous. My husband and I would highly recommend Storyteller films! Thank you so very much Scott
Laura Tattersall
Laura Tattersall
14. August, 2017.
My new husband and I wanted to write to share how pleased we are with Scott from Story Teller Films and our wedding video. We spent a lot of time looking for a wedding videographer before booking Scott and we feel that the value for money we received was excellent. Scott was great on the day, and to work with before and after the wedding; he was professional, friendly and organised. He had cameras set up all over the venue so we felt confident that every aspect of our day was being captured on film. He finished our ten minute wedding video in just five weeks and when my husband and I watched it we were blown away. Scott captured every aspect and detail of our wedding, and collated all the special moments together into a stunning and professional looking video. We are so grateful that we have this beautiful film to keep forever!
Kristine Kolade
Kristine Kolade
2. August, 2017.
Scott at Storyteller Films did a wonderful job of our wedding video, we absolutely love the result, it truly captures the emotion on the day and it is a real blessing to have all those wonderful moments captured forever! Scott was wonderful to deal with and I would highly recommend him to any bride and groom. Thanks again Scott. Best regards, Kris and Bim
Sabrina Bachmann
Sabrina Bachmann
1. May, 2017.
We are in love with our Wedding video, Scott did an amazing job. We get tears in our eyes still every time we watch it, and our friends and family have all commented on how touching and beautiful it is. Thank you so much! Would highly recommend for anyone looking to capture their special day on video.
Brooke Holcroft
Brooke Holcroft
1. March, 2017.
AMAZING! We debated back and forward as to whether to get a videographer for our wedding. It was a last minute choice and the absolute best decision we made. Scott worked tirelessly on our wedding day and I can't even express how happy and grateful I am for such an amazing memory of the day. So many things fly by so quickly on the day, being able to sit back after the wedding, after all the commotion is over and have a snapshot of our day has been incredible. So incredibly happy with it and I highly, highly recommended Storyteller Films.


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