Caleb & Brooklynne | Dusty Hill Wines Wedding photographer and videographer | Moffettdale

Dusty Hill Wines Wedding photographer and videographer

When first asked to shoot a wedding at Dusty Hill Wines I was a bit hesitant when I seen how far out of town it was. After a bit of consideration I decided to accept the assignment and I’m glad I did.

It’s a beautiful country wedding venue and it photographed wonderfully.  Dusty Hill Wines, is located in Moffettdale and is a 3 hour drive from out studio in Brisbane.

It was a perfect day in all regards with gorgeous weather and a stunning venue.

This is an example of our Combo Photography and videography Options.

Dusty Hill Winery is a true delight. Beautiful set overlooking gardens and a lake. With a menu full of options for both meat lovers and vegetarians, with generous serving sizes and impressive dessert list if you have room for seconds. The staff were great, so friendly and helpful and had great knowledge of their wines, it was clear they enjoy their work together. With wine tasting on offer you won’t be able to help but buy a bottle. Thank you for a fantastic experience.

Moffatdale is true wine country and there are also many other vineyards and wineries in the area. Moffatdale is also a lovely place to visit if you find your self exploring the South Burnett region.


Dusty Hill Wines Wedding photographer and videographerWe were lucky to be both Wedding photographer and videographer at this wedding. It’s always nice when we are doing our combo Wedding Photography and Videography packages. We aren’t tripping over the other people from other companies and we can be more creative with out the need to compete for time.

These country weddings a fun and relaxed and our job is made much easier because of all the lovely backgrounds and settings for the photography.