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Storyteller Films also has over 15 years experience producing Corporate videos and Wedding Videography. We service all of Queensland and Northern NSW’s and we are one of the best  videographers in Brisbane.

We can produce corporate videos that help promote your business online or explainer videos the help inform your potential clients.

We specialize in 3d animation and can really add the wow factor to your next video production. Below are some videos we’ve produced for corporate clients. The Logicalis video is a good example of an interview style situation common in corporate video production.


This corporate video was produced for the Mecca Bar Restaurant group.

video production Brisbane

A  video produced for ACMA which demonstrates our high end Visual Effect and 3d Animation skills. Although Computer animation can be time consuming, with a healthy budget even the most ambitious projects can become a reality. 

Ask us how we can give your next video production that wow factor that will attract the audience that you are seeking.

ACMA CORPORATE VIDEO // Producer Jess Milne  // 3D Visual Effects by Storyteller Films

Corporate video production Brisbane

3d Computer Animation and Special Effects, VFX

 The above animation reel represents the highlights of my ten years working as a VFX artist in the film and television industry. I can call on these high level skills when producing your high-end video production. Animation isn’t cheap, it is very time consuming and computer intensive. But great animation can really add the wow factor to your next video production.


Videographer Brisbane | Documentaries | Events | Professional video production.

With over 15 years working as a creative video professional I have amassed an abundant wealth of information in all areas of corporate video production. I’ve personally worked on many multi-million dollar film and video productions for clients including Disney, Holden, Mazda, Silver Chair & Kellogg’s.

As well as my own personal knowledge base, I have also developed many professional relationships with some of the best talent in Australia. I can assemble a freelance team at the drop of a hat to make even the most ambitious project come to life.

Some of our more resent clients include the Brisbane Broncos, Mazda, ACMA, Johnson & Johnson Medical, QLD government.

Videographer Brisbane

Videographer Brisbane

We are able to work on all aspects of video production that a Videographer in Brisbane would normally be equipped for.


Hiring a multiskilled, all-in-one talent for your video project can be a cost effective way to having your vision become a reality. You’ll have one point-of-call for everything related to your project, and you won’t have to wait for someone to get back in touch with you about what’s going on with a certain aspect of the videography production.

With our projects the videographer is overseeing the whole project themselves, they’ll be more informed with where everything is at. Finally, when they get into the editing room, they’ll already know what footage they have to work with because they would have filmed it themselves.

Keep in mind that a videographer is ideal for shorter, smaller-scale video projects only. Having one person handle everything that goes along with a major video production is not ideal.

At Storyteller Films, we’ve got a team of videographers that have skill directing, shooting and editing videos for themselves. They have sound technical and creative knowledge of everything there is to know about videography. These are all the essential elements required to make a great short video, from storyboarding and scriptwriting, to cinematography and editing.

To find out how one of our talented videographers can be perfect for your small video

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